At Poppik, we believe that the world is exciting, that it is an inexhaustible source of joy and discovery. With all the negative images assailing children, we think it’s especially important to give them an optimistic outlook on life.

Because we want the children of today to become well-rounded contributors to the world of tomorrow. For them to conquer the world with commitment, creativity and enthusiasm.

There are marvels all around for those who want to open their eyes. For those with confidence, there are a thousand things to achieve.

Alongside parents and educators, we want to help:

– awaken your children to the world around them, make them want to grow and develop, sow the seeds of enthusiasm in them;

– kindle the spark of curiosity in them, which is how we really discover the world, making it more stimulating and full of promise;

– reveal life’s true gems which can’t be found behind a screen;

– enrich children’s world.

We offer 100% fun, enriching and wondeful games and activities, which are all windows into the world around us. Our flagship products are large posters which can be finished with stickers, and can then be used to decorate the house. It is a magic activity where the child sees a wonderful universe unfold where they are the sole creator, maker of shapes and colours.

With a Poppik, there’s a whole world to discover, finish and make your own, down to the smallest details. Our products develop cognitive abilities.

They favour quiet activities over overactivity, motor skills over screens, longer attention spans over flitting from one thing to another.